Website makeover – Vineyard Boise i-61 Ministry

We recently had the pleasure of doing a website makeover for Vineyard Boise.  We had worked with the church previously when we designed a website for the founding pastor Tri Robinson around a book he wrote called Rooted in Good Soil.

When the church approached us with this project they had a bit of a dilema.  There was an upcoming conference in just over a week, and the website needed to be ready in time for the event. We typically allow 60 days for a website build, so this short time frame was extremly agresive.  Would there be any way to get this project done in time?  That was the million dollar question.  We decided that as crazy as it was, we would take it on.  For the next 7 days the website was our life.  We worked on the project almost exculsively, and worked until wee hours of the morning everyday.

1-61 is a ministry that focuses on seven areas of world crisis: spiritual confusion, undeveloped leadership, educational inequalities, environmental decline, world hunger, poor health & disease, and human injustice.  This website serves the purpose of not only informing people about the problem, but also showing them how to get training to get involved and make a difference.  One of our favorite features, “The network”, is quite unique.  The network section provides a world map with pins that represent justice and compassion ministries all over the world.  In the directory section you can learn more about each of these amazing ministries and find their contact information.  Additionally you will find features such as “The Voice” with blog articles and “Events” with a calendar of upcoming events.

We hit several bumpy patches while designing this website and the production schedule was insane, but overall we are really pleased with the way the website turned out.  We were able to get the main features ready by the deadline.  This website is an ongoing work in progress that will continue to change and grow as time goes on.