Merchant Services, Boise Idaho

Would you like a merchant service system that allows you to collect payments at your office, through your website and on the go? If so, then our payment solution is for you.

Three Ways to Process Payments


  • At Your Office: With our merchant service account you can process all major credit cards through your computer. You have the option of attaching a USB swiper to your computer and swiping credit cards, or you can key in cards through an encrypted, virtual terminal on any computer. We also offer technology which allows you to capture your customers’ signatures using their finger on your smart device which eliminates the need to store paper receipts and reduces fraud. Keep it green by emailing your customers their receipts, or if you need paper receipts you have the option to print them from your computer.
  • Through Your Website: Our merchant service account is a great solution if you are looking to monetize your website. You can use the account to sell goods or services, take registration payments, offer subscription based content, or facilitate many other types of online transactions.
  • On the Go: If you want to take credit cards on the go we have got you covered. Our mobile processing allows you to take credit card payments wirelessly using phones and tablets, and it works with both Apple and Android platforms.

Transparent Pricing and Awesome Rates

Many companies that claim to offer “credit card processing” services are just resellers representing other companies. These middlemen tack on a huge markup and hide their fees in confusing technical jargon that makes no sense. The end result? You pay higher fees because your merchant account is not provided directly through a company that does the processing themselves.

Another problem many business owners experience is getting a merchant account through their bank because they perceive that as the easiest and best option. The problem with that approach, however, is that most banks offering merchant services use systems that don’t even support Internet transactions. For this reason you will have to pay twice for the service twice: Once for point-of-sale (POS) or in-person transactions, and again for Internet sales through your website.

We work with Vantiv, one of the largest direct processing companies in America. Because they are a direct processor who does massive volume and they use Interchange plus pricing their rates are difficult if not impossible to beat. They also offer the “three-in-one” product which allows for in-store, mobile and online sales.

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