WordPress Support, Maintenance, and Site Management, Boise

Launching your WordPress website is a great first step. Unfortunately many people stop there. What they do not realize is that every great site is only as good as the ongoing updates and maintenance they put into it.

If the code behind the scenes that makes your website function is not patched and maintained when new updates are released you are vulnerable to hackers. We offer very affordable and comprehensive preventative maintenance services to keep your site running like a well-oiled machine around the clock.

Keeping your website updated with fresh content, industry-related information and news about your company is also an important function we enjoy taking care of for our clients.

WordPress Support, Maintenance, and Site Management Program

Content Updates

Keeping your content current and fresh is an important part of an effective website. While you are welcome to maintain your own content, many of our clients still prefer to have us handle this for them. We charge $125/hour, have a 1 hour minimum, and then bill based on actual time spent. We typically have all content updates done within 3 business days, but have faster turnaround options available for clients with more time-sensitive needs.

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If something goes wrong with your website we are here to help. Since website technology is complex it is sometimes difficult to know how long the solution will take until you start working on it, but we will give you our best guess up front. Our standard rate is $125/hour and clients pre-authorize hours in advance based on our initial estimate. We know that sometimes the website issue is something that needs to be fixed immediately, so we also offer our priority service for $175/hour. If you choose priority service we will drop everything and work on your issue as our top priority.

PURCHASE a block of hours now and our team will get to work on your project right away.

Website Care Plan

Any software that is not regularly updated is vulnerable to attack by hackers. It may also stop functioning correctly. Just as Windows, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office all require regular updates and patches so does your website. Unfortunately, we have seen many business owners choose to ignore the recommended updates and then they had to deal with the consequences of their site being hacked or destroyed. Recovering from such a devastating experience can be very expensive for a number of reasons, including lost revenue, loss of consumer confidence, and blacklisting by search engines just to name a few.

Our Website Care Plan includes the following:

  • Taking a backup of your site before, during and after making changes
  • Updating WordPress, all active plugins, and theme/template code to the latest stable version
  • Testing the site to ensure it is working correctly after completing all software updates

Request an estimate for the Website Support Plan that best fits with your unique, WordPress website and we’ll get back to you.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Reviews

We would love for you to read what our customers have to say.  You can see all of our reviews here.

Wonderful experience

I am thrilled with the work that Oasis Interactive did for us. I have used several website designers in the past, and believe me they are not all the same. Reliability and timeliness are hard to come by, however, Matt did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. In addition, our project was completed on budget. My experience with Oasis Interactive was outstanding in every way and I will enthusiastically recommend them to others.
- Richard Murray