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Boise Idaho Web Hosting Services

There are a lot of website hosting companies out there, but not all web hosting providers are created equal. As a local company based in Boise, Idaho, we differentiate ourselves at Oasis Interactive by combining outstanding customer service with the very latest in computer and network technology.

We can serve the website hosting needs of any organization in the world, whether they are here in the Treasure Valley or even in another country.

Why You Should Host Your Website With Us

  • One vendor for all your website needs: We can manage your domain, provide your website hosting, design your website and maintain it too. By consolidating all of your website services in one place you can manage your online presence with one phone call.
  • No overselling: Most website hosting vendors oversell. This means they sell more hosting space than they are actually able to provide. They count on customers not to use all of what they have been sold similar to airlines overselling airplane seats. They claim to provide features like “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited hard drive space” to gain customers when in reality there is no such thing. Overselling is unethical and we will never do it. We sell you what you actually need. What you purchase in your hosting plan is dedicated exclusively for your use.
  • Transparent pricing: Many of the well-known hosting companies use bait-and-switch pricing tactics such as introductory offers that expire after 90 days. We do not believe in hidden costs or misleading sales techniques.

If you need assistance determining which plan is right for you we would love to help. Click on the links below to get information on our specific plans, and fill out the Free Hosting Quote request form when you’re ready to get started!

Website Hosting Reviews

If you are just learning about Oasis and considering using our Boise Idaho web hosting services we would love for you to read what our customers have to say.  Visit our reviews page to see all of our reviews.

Smooth transition & great value

We decided to hire Oasis Interactive as our new web hosting provider based on their good price and the knowledge and helpfulness of the owner. Matt has been great to work with. The transition was easy and he took care of everything. Love the comparison stories all along the way! 🙂
- Dawn Ayotte

Very Happy

We are very happy with the hosting plan that Oasis offers. It is one of those things that you buy and kind of forget about since you don't use it everyday. We have had no problem with our website and feel that Matt and Jade will help us fix anything if we did. They are definitely looking out for our best interest as our Web Hosts.
- Ashley