Boise’s Web Guy

I was driving to dinner the other day and pulled up behind a car with this pretty cool “Web Guy” license plate.  Actually the car belongs to my husband, Matt, and he was meeting the kids and I for dinner.  He was coming from work, and we just happened to end up at the same intersection at the same time. I had to take a picture to show off his new license plate.

Life Transitions

Those of you that know Matt very well are probably aware that he had a custom license plate that said “Stanman” for many years.  People would always ask him about it, and he would explain that it was just a nickname from when he was younger.  This year I had the idea to switch his plate out to something that was a little more fitting for where he is now.

Websites and Superheroes

I thought something website related would be great, so I tried a lot of different combinations looking for something available.  When I came across the idea for “Web Guy” it seemed perfect.  You see it actually has a double meaning.  Matt has been really into super heroes and comic books most of his life.  Those of you who saw the trailers for Amazing Spider-Man 2 might remember the line where Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) says, “I’ve been doing some web design.”  Spider-man is obviously a “Web Guy” in a different sense of the word, so this license plate allowed us to combine building websites and superheroes which are two of Matt’s passions .

Look Out, Here he Comes

When I ran the idea past Matt he loved it.  The new license plates came a few weeks ago.  While it was sad to retire the “Stanman” plates, these new plates make us smile.  I’m sure they will be the start of many conversations just like the last ones.

If you see an Orange Honda Fit driving around Boise, look for the “Web Guy” plates and give him a wave or a honk.