Our Web Design Offices Have Moved

For the past 18 months our web design office has been located in the Plantation Business Center off of State Street in Boise. This location was great for a season, but the time has come for an upgrade. Several weeks ago Matt and I began looking for new office space and found several great options. We wanted something closer to home, convenient for our clients, and more spacious. The space we settled on meets all of those criteria.

Better Location & More Convenience

Our new office is located across from The Village at Meridian near the intersection of Fairview and Eagle. It is easy to get to from anywhere in the Treasure Valley and should be convenient for the majority of our customers. As an added bonus it is only a 5 minute drive from our home which will add several hours per month to our work week. It will also make it easy to run into the office after hours if a client needs something.

Bigger Size & Upgraded Features

Oasis Interactive WordPress Training CenterOur new office is almost double the square footage of our previous office. This is important for two main reasons.

1) Improved Meeting Space: It has allowed us to set up a small conference table and media center inside of our office that will be used for client meetings as well as WordPress training sessions. During meetings you will be able to view websites on a large crisp TV screen using high speed Internet.

2) Increased Work Space: It creates additional workspace in the office which will allow me, Jade, to have set office hours. Moving from telecommuting to working in the office will allow greater collaboration between Matt and I as well as increase efficiency.

Oasis Interactive Logo Design OfficeLooking Forward to Seeing You

We are so excited about this move, and think our clients will be too. We started moving last week and are completely moved out of our old location. We are up and running at our new location and have our new office space mostly set up. We are just waiting for a few more items to arrive. We plan to be ready to meet with clients at the new location by Monday June 8th.

If you would like to stop by for a visit our new address is 2596 N Stokesberry Place, Suite 130 Meridian, ID 83646. Looking forward to meeting with you at our new home away from home.