Brand Marketing 101: Logos & Websites

Despite being told not to judge a book by its cover, we all still do it. In the marketplace, appearance matters. Your logo, business cards, and website are ambassadors for your brand, leaving a first impression on your customers. The appearance of your brand is paramount to educating your customers on what your company is about.

We live in a visual society: consumers make quick judgments based on what they see right off the bat, whether it’s marketing material or a website. When developing a marketing campaign, be consistent in design and stay true to your brand.

Effective Logo Design

A logo is a business’s main pillar of branding. A logo is a way for customers to recognize you. Think about Pepsi and Coca-Cola–you immediately picture their logos, right? Your brand’s logo should be a reflection of your company products and services. It should also be simple and straightforward, speaking clearly about your brand. Once your logo is designed, use it! Make sure it’s on every page of your website, all your products, and all marketing material.

Website Aesthetics

Just as your logo is important to the appearance of your brand, the colors and fonts you choose for your website and marketing materials are as well. The aesthetics you choose should reiterate your logo and reflect the personality of your company. Is your brand fun and casual? Use bolder colors and fun fonts. Are you polished and professional? Then shoot for minimalism instead.

Brand Expertise

Here at Oasis Interactive we understand the importance of a strong brand.  When you hire us to design your logo, business cards or website you can be assured that we will take these and other best practices into account.  Keeping all of your marketing design at the same company ensures overall brand cohesion.  At Oasis Interactive we offer logo design, business card design, stationary & envelope design, website design, and brochure & marketing material design services. Check out our portfolio to see a small sample of the work we do and then give us a call to get started.