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Should Boise website design companies outsource?

We are a Boise website design company and we believe in keeping our websites made in the USA. Today we got an email from a programmer in another state who wanted us to outsource programming to him. An extra developer is always great to have around, but there was a problem with this one that we just could not get past. He outsources a lot of his work overseas. When we addressed this with him he said he would be happy to do the work we send him himself. While this sound great in theory, how do we know that the website work would really stay local? What if he was really busy that week and decided that just this one project could be shipped out? Even if the work did stay with him that means his other clients’ projects would get shipped out since he was busy with our work creating a domino effect.

Even though our website design business is located in Boise, ID we still get at least half a dozen phone calls each week from people who speak limited English and want us to outsource the production of our websites. We politely tell them that we are not at all interested, and yet every day the phone continues to ring. No, no, no … our website production is and will always be done locally.

Who do you support?

This brings me to the question, “Where are our competitors building their websites?” While I would hope that ALL Boise website design companies build their websites in Boise, Idaho we know that this is not the case. When you pick your web design company you have a choice. Do you support companies that keep the work in the United States or do you spend your hard earned money with companies that outsource the work for pennies on the dollar so that they can make huge margins or undercut the competition?

If you do decide to go with the company that outsources to India, remember that it often comes at a price. What you tell the website design company you want has to be passed on to the production people in another country who do not speak English as their first language. Much like the game of telephone that we played as kids, what you ask for and what comes out the other side often do not match. Additionally, when you call your website design company for support after the project is finished they are at a disadvantage because they did not actually build the website in the first place.

Buy Idaho!

If that same website is instead built with Oasis Interactive, a Boise website design company, you will be supporting the local economy, employing Americans, and talking directly with the people doing the work on your web design project. The choice is yours.