When we find content, software or tools that make our life easier we like to share them. We hope you find the resources below to be an asset to your business:

  • Web & Marketing Blog: Timely content to help businesses be successful in their marketing efforts.
  • cPanel Video Tutorials: Lots of great how-to-guides for cPanel. cPanel is the name of the software we use on our server to help clients administer and manage their own web hosting accounts. The web-based software is very sophisticated, full-featured and quite intuitive when compared with alternative programs. It can also be rather intimidating and overwhelming for people when they first start using it, however. These tutorials will help you get up-to-speed quickly and easily so you are empowered to manage your own web hosting services without having to rely on us for everything.
  • Business Owners’ Guide to Writing Great Website Copy: A wonderful primer that will help you write website text that is compelling and effective.
  • Free Software Downloads: A repository of programs that we find helpful in running our business.
  • Internet Technology Glossary: Dictionary that we created consisting of technical jargon translated to laymen’s terms.