Intranet/Extranet Worksheet

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Contact Information

NOTE: Include a list of all the additional fields you want above.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation is very important because it helps us better understand exactly how you want the Intranet/Extranet system to work. The field below can be used to upload one or more files for explaining how you want each user's experience to vary based on their roles/functions. The kinds of documents which are most helpful combine specific instructions (such as might be found in a spreadsheet) with visual diagrams (like a flow chart). We need you to provide us with all of the following information through the document(s) you upload in the next field:

  • User types/groups:
    This is a list of each kind of person who will be using the Intranet/Extranet. Examples might include employees, vendor/suppliers, subcontractors and customers.
  • Access levels/permissions:
    This is a list of who has rights to do what. For example, employees can only view or download files while managers/department heads can add, edit, delete and update files and website administrators can do everything the managers/department heads can do and they can also create folders.
  • Content storage and restriction method:
    Will you only restrict content by storing it in files (like PDFs) that are organized with a folder-based structure? Alternatively, will you store the sensitive information in web pages which are locked down by user group? Will you use some combination of both? These are all possibilities with your Intranet/Extranet system. We need you to describe exactly how you want it to work with as much specific detail as possible.

Maximum file size: 314.57MB

NOTE: Refer to your Quote, Project Plan and Content Deliverables Checklist for a complete list of all pages and features included in your project when preparing your documentation. Only the following file types are allowed: Microsoft Word Document (.doc, .docx); Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx); OpenOffice Document (.odt); Rich Text File (.rtf); Text file (.txt); Portable Document Format (.pdf); Zip Archives (.zip); JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg. jpe); Graphics Interchange Format Image (.gif); Portable Network Graphics Image (.png); Bitmap Image (.bmp); and Tagged Image File (.tif, .tiff).
NOTE: Please use this field to include any other instructions or information that would be helpful in building the Intranet/Extranet to your exact requirements.