New Window Signage

In November 2013 Oasis Interactive made the big move to our current office space located in the Plantation Business Center in Boise.  Upon moving in we noticed that some of the offices in the building had signage that included their name and logo on their office windows.  Recently our neighbor Heidi, owner of BATS Express Bookkeeping, had her window done as well.

We had been contemplating having ours done too when someone generously offered to purchase our signage for us as a gift.  We gladly took her up on this offer, and last week our new window sign was installed.  We hired Infinity Signs Northwest to do the work and were extremely pleased with the finished result.  Their prices were affordable and their service was excellent.

Next time you are in the neighborhood (Near State Street and Pierce Park in Boise) stop in to say hello and check out the new signage.  We would love to see you.

Jade Stanley
Oasis Interactive, Boise, ID
The Boise Website and Branding Specialists