Marketing Effectiveness Scorecard

Marketing Effectiveness Scorecard
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Business Overview


For each of the following questions, choose the answer that you MOST agree with. Don't over-think it; just trust your instincts.
How do you think about intelligence?
What is your opinion of education and learning?
How do you deal with challenges?
How do you think about talent and competence?
How do you handle obstacles and failure?
How do you respond to the success of others?
How do you react to criticism from other people?

SCORE > Mindset

Goal Setting

I set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.
I charge enough for my product/service.
I have a strategic & comprehensive marketing plan to reach my goals.
I have a marketing budget and it is enough to reach my goals.
I am happy with my current marketing efforts.
I understand that marketing is a never ending process that requires ongoing effort & refinement tuning, and for which there is no "silver bullet."
I am an active partner in making my marketing successful.
I have a complete, up-to-date, and segmented database of prospects and customers.
I offer a guarantee.
I have a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) for every department and employee in my company.
I offer a free trial, demo, or other low cost yet high-value item to attract good leads.
I have developed a product/service line that produces recurring monthly revenue for my business.
At least 25% of my monthly revenue is recurring.
I have a written mission statement, vision statement, and core values that are aligned with who we serve, what problems we solve, and why our business is uniquely able to provide the solution.
I know who my top 3 competitors are.
Why don't you know who your top 3 competitors are?

List them below

I know how they market their business.
Do they have a website?

SCORE > Goal Setting

SUMMARY SCORE > Business Overview