How We Are Different

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to who you’re going to work with on your website. For this reason it’s important that you are able to distinguish between each of the vendors who may be bidding on your project. On this page we will explain what sets us apart from our competitors, and why we’re the best vendor you could possibly work with.

  • We have integrity.We are honest, communicative, transparent and fair in all of our business practices. We apply the Golden Rule and earn the trust of all our clients. We use a service contract and make sure our clients understand how we do business so there aren’t any surprises. We received the Better Business Bureau (BBB) 2010 Integrity Counts! award in recognition of our commitment to business ethics and community partnership.
  • We are professionals, not amateurs.Our people have been building, hosting, marketing, and creating content for websites since 1995. Oasis Interactive is a BBB Accredited Business and we have an excellent rating with no unresolved complaints on file. This is our full-time career and passion, not a hobby or side-line.
  • We give fixed quotes instead of “guesstimates” based on an hourly rate.We bid most projects based primarily on the scope of work and not an hourly rate. When we give you a quote you can count on it being the final total and not a penny more, unless the scope of work (as defined by you, our client) changes. With complex projects that require an hourly component to the bid we carefully analyze the scope of work to estimate as accurately as possible. If more time is required than originally estimated we will always obtain authorization before incurring additional billable hours. If less time is needed than originally estimated you will only pay for the hours incurred on your project, rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • We build high-quality websites that actually work.Our websites never have pages that are “under construction.” They don’t require that visitors use a specific web browser and they don’t contain broken links. Instead they are intuitive, professional, attractive and functional. They also work properly in all major web browsers on both traditional computers and smart phones.
  • We offer different payment options.We typically charge our clients in two increments based on the completion of certain milestones. If the budget you currently have doesn’t line up with the website you want, however, we will work with you so you can have the site of your dreams now instead of later. One way we can do this is to start with a basic site that has only the essentials then enhance it in future phases, spreading the cost out over time. If you would prefer to have everything you want up-front but can only make monthly payments, we also offer a comprehensive Bundled Website Service that is all-inclusive and affordable.
  • We allow you to maintain your own website content, which saves you money.We empower our clients to maintain their own content by providing training and granting access to an easy-to-use website editor. Instead of requiring that all updates be done by us (at an hourly rate) we equip our clients to keep their website fresh and relevant… Maintain your own blog, send monthly e?newsletters, post new pictures to your photo gallery or update your event calendar for free after receiving training.
  • Every website we produce is unique.Each client we serve is unique, and every project we work on has different requirements. We don’t build “cookie-cutter websites” that lack creativity and originality. Instead, we ensure that your site stands out and commands the attention of its visitors. The result is a professional finished product that:
    • Represents your brand online with strength and vibrancy.
    • Persuasively communicates your corporate message with clarity.
    • Yields a high return on investment.


  • We offer flexible web marketing solutions for almost every sized company and budget.We take the time to understand your requirements up-front then design the project accordingly. By conducting a thorough needs assessment during our complimentary phone consultation we can match each client with the solution that’s perfect for them.We offer a variety of products to meet the needs of companies large and small, including the following:


  • We produce websites in a timely fashion.Because we are efficient and work quickly we can produce an average website within six weeks of receiving final content. We spend the first half of every workday focusing exclusively on production work so we can deliver projects quickly.
  • We value each of our clients and provide outstanding, responsive customer service.We recognize that we would be nothing without our customers. We value each client individually and cultivate relationships that last years, not weeks or months. We don’t ignore our clients or take days to return phone calls or e-mails, and deliver truly exceptional service. When you partner with Oasis Interactive as a client you become a member of our special family; a family where where you will be treated with integrity, respect and appreciation.