6 Tips for Maximizing Your Brand Perception Using Social Media 

Starbucks recently caught heat for launching a well-intended but poorly-executed social media campaign. Apple made the news for railing against Indiana’s governor Mike Pence over what the social media community called “a law giving businesses the license to discriminate.”

Social Media and Perception – 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing how and when to engage in social media conversations is crucial to effectively reaching your audience and building consumer loyalty. Since social media has become integral to modern online marketing, here are six tips to help you get started:

1. Build a story.

Connecting with customers means displaying a personality others find agreeable. Your online presence needs to remain consistent. Businesses able to successfully tell a steady story benefit from high traffic volume.

2. Stop selling for a moment.

The last thing your subscribers want from you is to have your posts choke their feeds with product information and promotional material. Yes, they expect it sometimes. But they also want tips regarding their hobbies, community shout-outs, and more. In other words, become part of the ongoing conversation and your local community.

3. Respond to comments immediately.

Criticism should be addressed, as should positive feedback. Consumers who take the time to engage businesses love it when the enterprise responds. They are more likely to remember you when making future purchases.

4. Speak to your demographic.

The information you provide needs to be relevant. Industry expertise and insights are great! Make sure your social media rep is knowledgeable and posting information that’s hard to find anywhere else.

5. Find the influential consumers.

Twitter offers analytic data to companies, showing the high-influence posters on their site. This data is invaluable. If your company can target those folks, they have their own network of followers that will flock to you. Think of it this way: will consumers more likely believe information about a company’s services coming from a business rep or from someone who is active in the industry, working independently?

6. Include multimedia in links.

Videos and graphics provide more information to your followers and are more enjoyable than a simple post. Visual media is great at driving traffic.

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